ThinTri38 Venue Lighting Effects
ThinTri38 Venue Lighting Effects

When you’re looking for precise accent lighting or a fixture for smaller venues, the ThinTri38 is your ideal solution. When combined with its larger cousin, the ThinTri64, it can create spectacular side effects or extend color and light movements to every corner of the venue.

It features 6 x 3-watt tri-color LEDs with Venue’s LED technology that minimizes drops in brightness when the LED elements warm up over time, allowing your new fixture to retain premium performance and brightness. That means your show will look just as good at the finish as it did at the start.

Includes dual-stage optics housed in a robust chassis with clear protective lens. Plus, it boasts four operating modes (Stand-alone, Sound Active, DMX, and Master /Slave), seven static colors, 236 color macros, four preset color programs, strobe, dimming, and manual color mixing. The ThinTri38 is constructed with double yokes for precise aiming from stands, trusses, and floors, and includes pass-thru DMX and AC connections for neat cable management.

ThinTri38 also includes mix and match compatibility with ThinTri64, TriStrip3Z, and Control16 DMX controller for complete scalability for large and small shows.

Venue ThinTri38 Examples

• 6 x 3-watt tri-color LEDs with dual-layer optics
• Vibrant color and illumination
• Class-leading LED technology minimizes drops in brightness
• Easy access menu
• Colors
    – Bold red, green and blue primary colors
    – 7 Static colors
    – 4 Preset lighting programs
    – 236 color macros (DMX mode)
• Rugged construction
    – Clear protective lens covering LED elements
    – Dual-yoke design for stable aiming from lighting stands, installation, or floor
    – Built-In pass through for safety cables
• 4 Operating modes
    – Stand-Alone with color pallets, programs, and user defined RGB mixing
    – Sound Active with sensitivity adjustment
    – 2 DMX Modes 3ch and 8ch
    – Master/Slave using DMX settings
• DMX In/Out
• AC Power In/Out
• LED Menu with simple push-button control

ThinTri38 sample colors
ThinTri38 sample colors
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