Venue Lighting Effects
Venue Legacy Manuals for Venue Lighting
Venue Legacy Manuals for Venue Lighting
TriStrip 3Z

Below you will find select manuals for our Venue legacy products. Simply click on the links to download the manuals that you need.

HyperFlex 12G

DMX Address Quick Chart

Dual Laser DMX Traits

Dual Laser Pack

Dual Scanner Controller

Dual Scanner DMX Traits

Dual Scanner Pack

Full Fogger

Mini Burst Laser Green

Mini Mirror Ball

Mini Laser – MLG MLR


PP Moonflower – Double Dancer

ST35 Mini Strobe

ThinPar 38

ThinPar 64

Ultimate Mini Fogger

Venue TriStrip 3Z Blue Purple Blue
Venue TriStrip 3Z Yellow Orange Red
Venue TriStrip 3Z Green Blue Green
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